Hazlett Unveils Heartfelt New Single ‘Fireworks’

Hazlett Unveils Heartfelt New Single ‘Fireworks’
Australian singer and songwriter Hazlett has just unveiled his brand new single Fireworks, a heartfelt piece of indie-pop music about accepting things happen for a reason.

I am absolutely in love with his honeyed vocals that are definitely the star of the song. There is so much emotion in those vocals that instantly caught my attention and got me hooked on the song. Hazlett showcases both his powerful vocals and songwriting skills which are wrapped around smooth melodies and infectious hooks. The chorus is perfect to sing along to and I really like how the acoustic guitar strums flow over the electronic production. Fireworks is a romantic piece of indie-pop music with haunting vocals and you can check it out below!

Speaking about the song Hazlett said,
I wrote this song after a night in Croatia with my then girlfriend. We bought some cheap fireworks from the corner store and set them off a rooftop after dinner. It was bittersweet, they made magic look so easy and all I wanted was for her to look at me like that. But I think if you have it, you have it. Love shouldn’t be work, love is magic.
Fireworks marks a new chapter for Hazlett and a taste of what's to come on his belated second EP, due this Fall. Speaking about his work he added,
The honest truth… I’m just one heck of an emotional, stubborn, simple, romantic guy. I rarely like socialising with large groups of people. My circle’s small. I can’t blow smoke up other people’s behinds for a leg up or their attention. I’d rather help people sort out their own life, instead of my own. I love all creative people but I’m inspired and jealous of them at the same time. I’m a little broken just like you. I am the way I am and at the end of the day people are going to like what I do or they are going to hate it. Either way this thing goes, at least it’s going to be honest and from the heart.
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