Casii Stephan Unveils Live Video For New Single ‘I Like the Way’
Tulsa-based, Minnesota-born indie soul/rock artist Casii Stephan has just unveiled the video for the live performance of her lovely single I Like the Way, shot at Tulsa's IDL Ballroom!

The song was originally released in 2016 and won an Independent Music Award for “Best Love Song, and what made me want to share this video with you guys was because of its raw, emotional content. This is quite a long video and the performance showcases Stephan captivating the listener/viewer with her soulful vocals, great storytelling and intimate atmosphere. 

The live performance of I Like the Way is a taste of the energy of her live shows and it instantly caught my attention thanks to its stellar live band and raw emotion. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Stephan said,
I Like the Way is a song about being totally captivated with someone that they’re all you think about, they’re all you can see, they’re all you know. I can’t remember how it started, only that it started with a simple melody and progressed from there. I wrote it during a time when I just wanted to feel something more enveloping than a crush. In the studio recording, there are strings and a more lush orchestration, but for the live performance, we’ve slowed it down and added a trumpet. I think both versions have their place, but I’m really digging what myself and the Midnight Sun have done with this one. The trumpet player was a special addition for the Single Release Concert. He came in and really added some new life to the song. We’re all really proud of it and can’t wait to have people hear it.