Brooklyn, NYC-based singer-songwriter rum·gold has just unveiled his brand new single Get Through, taken from his upcoming debut EP, yaRN, set to arrive earlier in 2019.

What drew me towards this song was its smooth, atmospheric vibe that perfectly backs his rich vibratto vocals. I am really enjoying the way the song flows naturally, like it didn't take a lot of work to create it. Everything sounds great and meant to be together. I am loving the gentle guitar plucks and the touch of soul to the melody that just adds to the emotion behind the lyrics.

rum·gold delivers here a stunning piece of music, blending acoustic sounds with minimal R&B textures while his ethereal vocals float seamlessly over J. Dilla-esque drums. Stream it below!

Speaking about Get Through he said,
Get Through is a self revelation. Its about finding that vice to get through a hard place, while also understanding that you wouldn't be who you are today without going through said hardship. Its about learning to understand that contradiction is natural and if allowed can be incredibly freeing.