Leon Blake Unveils Debut Single "Interstellar"
Berlin-based record producer, songwriter and singer Leon Blake has just unveiled his debut single Interstellar. This is quite a cool piece of EDM with somewhat of a melancholic atmosphere. The song starts slowly with some guitars and lush, ethereal-like vocals that give the song a dreamy and emotional vibe. I am loving the bassline, the groovy synth lines and the lush piano keys. Even though there's an emotive and melancholic feel throughout the song, the electronic production gives the track a much needed boost of energy making it also a perfect song to dance to. Leon had been working on Interstellar for months and it is dedicated to his father who recently passed away. It's a touching tribute and you can stream it below!

Speaking about the song Leon said,
When I started producing Interstellar in February, it sounded way different - like a track from a spacey pc game. Over the time, it changed a lot until it became more and more dancy. I got to know Marina through Facebook and shared my project ideas with her which was really exciting, since it was my first real collab. As she sang with her beautiful voice, I knew it was going to be a great song! So I kept reworking it, showing it to close friends on and on, trying to make it perfect and exceed my technical level of producing. Meanwhile I ran through many thoughts of not being good enough and fears of failing. Around this time, I got to know a girl who changed my life in many ways, but I will talk about that in another song. However, in the autumn my dad became more and more sick - he always liked interstellar, regardless of the changes I made to it. Some time later, he passed away and soon I realized many things about him and myself. I want to dedicate interstellar to him as a farewell present. I love you dad.