Only Yours Unveil New Single ‘Hamburg’
Toronto-based four-piece band Only Yours, lead by acclaimed songwriter Lowell Sostomi, have just unveiled their brand new single Hamburg, a highly infectious piece of indie-pop music.

I'm loving Lowell's baritone vocals and how they perfectly convey the emotion of the lyrics! His vocals soar over the infectious melodies packed with awesome percussion, groovy guitars and synth lines that create an absolute earworm of a song. I can't stop singing along to its addictive chorus! If you are into emotionally-charged, high energy, indie-pop music with driving choruses then you will love Hamburg. Stream it below! 

Speaking about the song Lowell said,
My latest, Hamburg was written while I was on tour with my friends, The Wooden Sky. I was writing a lot so I named each demo the city where I wrote the song to remember which was which. It's a very literal song about the lasting affects of heartbreak and how the residual pain can cause one to doubt their ability to move on and love again. It’s sort of like the song “Help Me Rhonda” by the Beach Boys, where a new love interest is healing the pain of a broken heart, but you doubt your ability to offer them love in return."