FERGUS Unveils Video For ‘Nobody Knows’

FERGUS Unveils Video For ‘Nobody Knows’
London based singer/songwriter FERGUS has just unveiled the official music video for his brand new single Nobody Knows, out now via Goldun Egg Records.

Directed by filmmaker Jasper Cable-Alexander (Rankin Photography), Nobody Knows is the second music video that follows a man trapped in a world, alone and lost from society. Finally, he reconnects with his surroundings and the girl he lost many years ago. Watch it below!

Speaking about the video Jasper said,
I wanted the music video for 'Nobody Knows' to focus on the comparison between urban and rural and how it would feel, to discover a fast-moving, constantly changing modern society, such as London for the first time.
Musically, this is a stunning piece of indie music, with ethereal like vocal harmonies and haunting melodies. It is a song packed with emotion, from its emotive songwriting and smooth melodies.
Speaking about track FERGUS said:
this song is about toxic superficial relationships. People who, on the surface, are your friend, but they're actually using you as a punch bag and floatation device - pushing you down to keep themselves up.
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