Dustin Thomas Unveils New Single ‘Nation of Truth’
American singer-songwriter Dustin Thomas has just unveiled his brand new single Nation of Truth, a politically charged piece of indie-pop music. I am really enjoying his lush, smooth vocals that are perfectly paired with those acoustic guitar chords. His storytelling abilities and sound remind me a bit of Tracy Chapman. Nation of Truth is super smooth and laidback, even though the lyrical content is quite serious!

The song is a call to examine with open eyes and reflect on a system that is clearly broken and corrupt - a system that keeps people down and perpetuates disease, division, and debt. The song's intention is to shine a light on our society's collective shadows while conveying a message of healing through action. Stream it below!

A committed advocate of both social and environmental justice, Dustin Thomas continues the legacy of some of the most influential musicians and change-makers of our time. Leveraging the platform of his creative expression, the young singer/songwriter shared this song just days before the US Midterm Elections as a way to get people aware of their reality and fight for a better future.

This strategic release at such a pivotal point in the US democratic process solidifies Dustin Thomas amongst the ranks of artists who are at the forefront of the crossroads of creative expression and activism. Listeners will immediately identify his style to th elikes of artists such as Michael Franti, SOJA, Xavier Rudd, Trevor Hall, Rising Appalachia, and Nahko and Medicine for the People (all of whom Dustin has toured and/or collaborated with in the past).