Cassia Unveil New Single ‘100 Times Over’

Cassia Unveil New Single ‘100 Times Over’
Macclesfield-based Calypso Afro-Rock trio Cassia have just unveiled their brand new single 100 Times Over! These guys have crafted quite an upbeat piece of calypso-flavoured rock which won me over after the very first listen. From impeccable guitar and bass riffs to groovy drums, lush vocal harmonies and soaring hook, the song oozes a feel-good, positive atmosphere that is highly infectious. This has to be my favourite song from the yet!

If you are into worldly-influenced music with an upbeat, feel-good atmosphere that will get you dancing then 100 Times Over is perfect for you! I am really enjoying the afro rhythms and Caribbean melodies. These guys remind me a bit of fellow Brits By The Rivers so if you are a fan of BTR you will definitely love Cassia. Check it out below!

Cassia are: Rob Ellis (Lead vocals, Guitar); Lou Cotterill (Bass, Vocals); Jacob Leff (Drums, Vocals). The band record and produce their music at their own studio, Bluedoor Studios.
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