alextbh unveils new single ‘walls’
Following the release of his dreamy single Still Mine, Malaysian artist alextbh returns with his brand new single walls, a lush, pulsing slow jam produced by acclaimed UK artist Maths Time Joy. I am absolutely in love with his velvety, soulful vocals which warm my heart after every listen. The production of the song is flawless and the warm and sensual melodies perfectly match his beautiful vocals and together they create a gem for the soul. I'm loving the guitar licks and the way his vocals convey the emotion of each word he sings. Definitely a song for the bedroom sessions or a chillout weekend at home. Stream this gem below!

In an exclusive interview with i-D here, Alex detailed the story behind the song, noting,
'walls' is a continuation of my previous single 'still mine.' I actually have very vivid imagery of the exact moment I started writing that song. I was kneeling in front of my coffee table. I wasn’t even sitting on my sofa. I was on the floor — sobbing, writing it. I’m very proud of this song because I didn’t try to structure or rhyme it, as opposed to other songs. My mind works in a really pop structured way. But that song, I just spoke my mind... That was the day I was denied my US tourist visa. I just told myself, ‘Okay you know what? Fuck this place. I’m going to write a song about you.’ But I also wanted to write about this guy that’s been on my mind for so long, so I’ll use both of those visuals together.