Nick Fabian Unveils New Single ‘Let Me Down’

Nick Fabian Unveils New Single ‘Let Me Down’
Nashville-based singer-songwriter and pianist Nick Fabian has just unveiled his brand new single Let Me Down, a soulful piece of pop music. As soon as I pressed play I knew I was in for a treat. The guitar riffs and his velvely, powerful vocals won me over from the start and the song is simply a stunning listening. I love the melancholic piano keys which increase the emotional impact of the lyrics. The highly energetic and soulful earworm of a chorus sealed the deal and just made me want to play it over and over again.

I am a sucker for songs with a soulful vibe and his powerful vocals are perfectly backed by the instrumentation and shine in the anthemic chorus. I am very happy to share this gem with you guys. Stream Let Me Down below!

Speaking about the song he said,
I just started writing this taunt to the devil, the world, publishers who rejected me, everybody. Whatever you do to me, it’s not going to end me. It’s going to make me stronger. I believe the only thing that truly breaks a man,” he roared, “is never living up to everything he truly can. I write things much more intentionally now. I hope if people take anything away from ‘Let Me Down,’ it’s that suffering and pain in life can always lead to a better version of you, if you let it.
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