Kane Miller Unveils New Single "Could It Be"
Canadian singer-songwriter Kane Miller has just unveiled his brand new single Could It Be, an emotional Folk-tinged pop song about still having feelings for an ex.

I was first drawn to the song thanks to its smooth melodies and acoustic guitar riffs. Then I heard his soulful and vulnerable vocals and I was completely in love with the song. You can feel every single word he sings and the lyrics are very relatable which makes it easier for a listener to connect with the song. I am a sucker for intimate productions like this one where it's mostly the emotional vocals that shine and are backed by smooth and delicate melodies. To accompany the release Kane unveiled a beautiful video shot by Will Callaghan that highlights the song's vulnerability. Watch it below!

Speaking about the song Kane said,
Could It Be reminds me of living in that blurry, confusing time when you are remembering the good and the bad things about a relationship. You want to be negative and try to see the other person as this figure that was just there to crush your heart but at the same time you want to have them back in your life. It’s a struggle so you continually ask yourself questions like, were you there to just lead me on or do you still think of me? You find yourself bouncing between hope and despondency.