Julia Ryan Unveils New Single ‘Beg’
California-based singer-songwriter Julia Ryan has just unveiled her brand new single Beg, a beautiful piece of soulful-pop music. Julia's vocals are so powerful and soulful, making me feel each word she sings. If you are into classic soul music you will love Beg. Not only is her voice on point but also her storytelling and cool production which combines elements of soul, funk and rock to deliver a super slick track. The beautiful and dynamic melodies perfectly back up her deep soulful vocals and bring back that old soulful sound with nods to Etta James, Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday. Beg is definitely a beautiful listening pleasure anda fresh, modern take on classic soul. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Julia said,
‘Beg’ was actually inspired by the film ‘Sliding Doors,’. When Gwyneth Paltrow’s character Helen is fired from her job, she comes home early in hopes of getting some support from her boyfriend. Instead, she walks in on her boyfriend cheating on her. I remember my heart dropping when I saw that. The next day, I was songwriting and the movie kept popping into my head. I remember wanting to write about living multiple lives, which fit with the theme of the movie. I naturally started writing about the cheating scene. I finished the lyrics, melody and harmony with my co-writer Michael Arrom and ‘Beg’ was born.