HOAX Unveil New Single "Grow"
New York-based 5-piece indie-alternative soul band HOAX are back with a brand new single called Grow, the follow up to their feel-good indie gem Moon Moon Baby.

Grow stays on the same feel-good path of its predecessor and it is a gorgeous blend of funky, disco-tinged indie-pop music that will get you moving. Loving the funky wah-guitars and synths, and the star of the song has to be Mike Raj's soulful vocals. This is a perfect feel-good song for the weekend to come! Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Mike said,
Grow was special for us because it’s the only song on the album where the music came first. I had been on a Bee Gees binge and was inspired by a recent trip home to Houston. After hearing my mom and dad regale stories of the disco era and their love for wah-guitars when they were young, I knew instantly that I wanted the melodies of the song to be simple and direct - just as disco music in many forms was.

When I began writing “Grow”, the lyrics were not coming to me at all. I was pretty frustrated. Frantz, my best friend and musical counterpart, had always advised me to never force the lyrics (which I would always stubbornly ignore) in the name of getting the song done. I quickly realized how ironic that was, especially since the concept of our album contrasts the idea of doing for the sake of doing, and reverting to thinking of life from the aspect of being.