HOAX Unveil New Single "Moon Moon Baby"
New York-based 5-piece indie-alternative soul band HOAX have just unveiled their brand new single Moon Moon Baby, a feel good indie gem that's perfect for these last summer days.

Mike Raj's vocals are quite distinctive and have a soulful vibe to it which reminds me a bit of Kings of Leon's Caleb Followill vocals. The chorus of this song is highly infectious and you'll sing along to it in no time. Moon Moon Baby is the “feel good” existential crisis of the year. It has an indie pop-rock feel to it and is lyrically rooted in the human search for purpose in a state of “being” rather than the state of “doing” we’ve become so used to. Stream this gem below!

HOAX like to experiment with elements of pop, R&B, and hip-hop and layer this under alternative and indie-soul roots. The band’s sound is as eclectic as its members but was best summarized by a friend who described their music as “the sound of beautiful sadness.”

HOAX are:
mike raj - vocals
frantz cesar - bass
paul brower - guitar
kevin lopez - guitar
jacob lopez - drums