PANDA$ Drop New Single "Love After War"

PANDA$ Drop New Single "Love After War"
Lons Angeles-based duo PANDA$ have just unveiled their brand new single Love After War, featuring vocalist Anastasia Elliot. I am loving Manny's smooth and captivating vocals and how he delivers those lines is simply effortless.

Anastasia Elliot's vocals give the song a hypnotic and ethereal-like mood which contrasts perfectly with Manny's smooth flow. The production is quite laid-back and I really enjoy how they combine elements of trap, rap and pop to deliver a highly infectious track with honest lyrics and stunning vocals. Stream it below!

The duo formed in New York in 2016 when vocalist Manny decided to lock himself in a room and "just vibe 'cause I felt like I had so much left to say.'" The combination of Landa's experimental production and Manny's classic sensibilities make for the ultimate duo.
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