Eden Iris Unveils New Single "Demons"
Los Angeles-based, New Zealand native, award-winning artist Eden Iris has just unveiled her brand new single Demons and I can't stop listening to it! Those lush and melancholic piano keys immediately caught my attention and then I heard her smooth and delicate vocals and I was just sold to the song.

Loving how the song starts with just the piano and her vocals and then builds up with the addition of a catchy acoustic-guitar melody which adds to the track's emotional lyrics. I am also enjoying the touches of drums and strings on the song which give it somewhat of an epic vibe. I am a sucker for emotional pieces with awesome piano keys and this one is right up my alley. Eden really showcases her songwriting skills and unique voice here and you can stream Demons below!

Demons is the title track of her new EP which is out now. Eden recorded and performed nearly all of the instruments on the EP at her home studio. Her unique voice combines confessional-style lyrics with pop sensibility, sometimes exploring darker themes of depression and homelessness. Three of the songs on the EP were inspired by characters from HBO’s Game of Thrones series, while other songs were inspired by more personal demons.