Mike Rogers Unveil New Single "Get To Me"
Mike Rogers, the combination of Dutch producers Mike Mago & Rogerseventytwo, have just unveiled their brand new single Get To Me, the latest track to be lifted from their Loose Ideas EP, out now via BMKLTSCH Records.

The song has a groovy and highly captivating melody that just makes me want to play it over and over again. Get To Me is built around a skittering jungle bassline, while fluttering xylophones move from side to side in the mix and pitched up vocals add to the melody. There's also a cool summery vibe to the song that's awesome to be played on those late summer sunset parties. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Mike Rogers said,
We wanted to celebrate the Loose Ideas EP with a track we made just by vibing in the studio. Get To Me’ is just one of those pieces that is close to us.