Kara Connolly Unveils Video For "Life in Rear View"
Singer-songwriter Kara Connolly has just unveiled the official music video for her debut song Life in Rear View.

The music video follows Kara driving a classic cherry-red convertible across the desert in between epic drone shots. Watch it below!

What drew me to this song was the lovely acoustic guitar-based melody and her rich vocals. Kara showcases here her storytelling abilities which are wrapped around soaring, pop hooks. The song is perfect to sing along to. Life in Rear View perfectly blends folk, country with pop music and takes the listener on an introspective road-trip from breakdown to breakthrough.

Speaking about the song and video Kara said,
I wrote the song during a period of transition. My high school sweetheart and I ended our 6-year relationship, my childhood dog was dying, home life was tumultuous, I was graduating from college and uncertain about my future in all regards…I didn’t know how I was going to survive so many changes at once.

The “exes” items and letters I burn in the video were all sent in from actual fans, friends, and family members relating to letting go of something or someone that no longer serves them. We wanted there to be a communal aspect to the video. In certain spiritual traditions, burning rituals are believed to aid in the release and healing of the past; they represent letting go of all attachment and leaving space for what’s new - freedom. I thought, perhaps, we could all find a bit of that freedom together.
Life in Rear View is the title track of her upcoming album which was produced by Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson) and mastered at the legendary Capitol Records.