Filey Unveils New Single "Foreigner" feat. BADJUJU & Relic Saint Malo

Filey Unveils New Single "Foreigner" feat. BADJUJU & Relic Saint Malo
New Orleans-based multi-talented artist Filey Relic has just unveiled a super smooth new single called Foreigner, featuring BADJUJU and Relic Saint Malo. I am in love with this song guys! It's guitar-based melody is highly captivating and laid-back. I am loving how their rhymes flow effortlessly over this infectious beat. It is quite refreshing to hear rap over a guitar-based melody. I've got Foreigner on repeat and you can stream it below!

Speaking about the song Filey said,
Relic had come to me with the beat, the hook, and his verse written & ready to record. From the moment i heard him sing "Baby i love you, but i can't love you more than myself.." it was a wrap. I wrote my part, recorded, mixed/mastered the track in about 5 hours.
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