Calan Mai Unveils New Single "XO"
Australian folk-pop singer-songwriter Calan Mai has just released his brand new single, XO. I'm loving this one guys. It's an upbeat piece of indie-folk music with a infectious pop-infused chorus and gorgeous horn section.

The acoustic guitar-based melody is what got me hooked on this song and I am really enjoying how Calan's gorgeous vocals flow over the bubbly production. While listening to XO I can't help but feel good and smile. It's a perfect song for the summer and to put a smile on your face, especially when you're not feeling that cheerful. Stream this gem below!

Speaking about the song Calan said,
When someone writes 'xo', that doesn't mean they want to kiss and hug you. When they send a smiley face, they aren't really smiling. The world is a bit like that now-a sea of lovehearts, likes, upvotes and retweets. You ask for validation and get bright lights and numbers in return. And I'm no better. I doubt myself. I compare myself. I wonder how many times this song will get played. That's what 'XO' is about-wanting to reach through your LCD screen and grab the world by the collar and say, 'I do make the cut. I do have potential. And this song is a good f*cking song.