Teo Rösarne Unveils New Single "Good As You Are"
14-year-old Swedish singer-songwriter and producer Teo Rösarne has just unveiled his brand new single Good As You Are.

At such as young age Teo has crafted a very catchy electro-pop song with a positive message that inspires people to feel good about themselves and not letting the negative influences get to them. The song has a very memorable melody and its chorus makes me want to sing along to it. Stream Good As You Are below!

Teo has participated  in several major national talent shows such as ”Star Ljuva Toner” in 2015, where he ended up winning the grand prize. He was also selected as a finalist in ”Stage Academys Artist 2017”. On the national TV show ”Supershowen” Teo was one of 20 finalists out of 3500 artists!