Swedish soul-pop artist Elias Unveils Debut Album ‘Entwined’

Swedish soul-pop artist Elias Unveils Debut Album "Entwined"
Swedish soul-pop artist Elias has just dropped his debut album, Entwined, and this is a beautiful piece of soulful pop music!

His vocals are so powerful and soulful, making the album sound pure and quite vulnerable! The song that stands out the most for me is Hope, this is a smash piece of soul music and his vocals soar here! I always go back to this song, so this is definitely my favourite cut off of the album! Love Hurts follows the melancholic, soulful vibe that I love. It's a song about being emotionally exhausted in the wake of a heartbreak. Scars is a beautiful piano-based ballad that makes me want to close my eyes and just enjoy the song and his vocals. Also on the more soulful side is the powerful song No Deeper We Can Fall which dives to the feeling of when you’ve given it all and the well has run dry. That beat packs quite a punch!!

But the album is not just a soulful album. It contains a wide range of musical styles from Elias’ signature soul, high-octane dance, sweeping pop and those smooth, quiet moments. One of the dance-fuelled songs is Tearing Down The Walls, a song about breaking down boundaries - between generations, between cultures, between styles of music, and ultimately it’s about escaping into freedom.

It took him 3 years to make this album and it was well worth it. I've got to say I am a bigger fan of his smooth, soulful pieces but his dance/pop songs are also great.

Sharing his thoughts on the album, Elias says:
I really wanted the album to be as pure and honest as possible,and that’s a pretty hard thing to do. There may be simple melodies, but to find those melodies you have to go full circle: discover the more atmospheric side at first, and then you come to the essence of the song. I also wanted to get away from where I was born and try to find my place in the world.

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