Swedish singer-songwriter Elias has just unveiled a stunning new dance-fuelled single titled Tearing Down The Walls, co-written and co-produced by Paul Epworth and HYENA.

The song has quite a powerful message about breaking down boundaries - between generations, between cultures, between styles of music, and ultimately it’s about escaping into freedom.

It embodies the spirit of the worker’s that protest songs he grew up hearing hand-in-hand with his mother, while taking on the vibrant energy of dance music that has immersed today’s generation.  Watch the visuals below!

Speaking about the importance of music for him, Elias said:
I have long thought about why I do as I do, what has led me here. Why do I feel such a need to express myself. A need of kicks and being fulfilled by something.
My writing is a reflection of what I do, what I feel. It's dirty and ugly, tender and beautiful. I get understood when I sing, suddenly people understand what I'm saying, and I understand them.
This sentiment is the building block for Elias’ upcoming debut album, Entwined, out on June 15th. It’s a record which represents thousands of studios hours over three years, chronicling Elias’ journey from debut single Revolution to final puzzle piece The Entwined

Sharing his thoughts on the album, Elias says:
I really wanted the album to be as pure and honest as possible,and that’s a pretty hard thing to do. There may be simple melodies, but to find those melodies you have to go full circle: discover the more atmospheric side at first, and then you come to the essence of the song. I also wanted to get away from where I was born and try to find my place in the world.