Pastis Unveil New Single ‘Amazon’
Finnish indie-rock band Pastis have just unveiled their brand new single Amazon. Loving the energy in this song thanks to those soaring guitars, catchy drums and harmonies. It's a perfect song for the summer and I just want to sing along and dance! This must be an amazing song to be performed live, because I can see the crowd going crazy with this one. Loving the Britpop/rock vibe of the song! Stream it below!

The guys started in 2016 with Emil and Markus and in early 2017 they were joined by Emil’s long-time friend and ex-band member Henrik, who brought with him guitarist Sakari and drummer Kalle.

The bands debut EP Four Stories, released in December 2017, quickly caught the attention of leading Finnish music magazines like Soundi and Rumba, and has been widely praised.

The band signed to Stupido Records in April 2018 and are currently recording an album set to release in late fall 2018.