LIEZA Unveils New Single "Yellow Roses"
Nashville-based singer/songwriter LIEZA has just unveiled her brand new single Yellow Roses, the second single to be lifted from her sophomore EP set to arrive this Fall.

This is a cool pop track with sweet vocals and infectious electronic production. The song oozes a laidback summer vibe though the broken hearted-lyrics add a deeper side to this dreamy pop track. I really enjoy her songwriting skills and this song in particular was written with another artist and great songwriter, Femke Weidema. Stream this lovely track below!

Speaking about Yellow Roses LIEZA said,
I wrote “Yellow Roses” with Femke Weidema in about 45 minutes; one of those rare ones where the words just sort of tumble out of your subconscious faster than you can even write them down. The song is about being cheated on and making the conscious decision not to let the other person have the last say. Yellow roses represent friendship and the opening line is meant to serve as a sort of irony, knowing that someone who was your friend wouldn’t hurt you in this way. So, you’ll be the one to say it’s over because after all the heartache and sneaking around they don’t deserve to be the one to end things.