Femke Unveils New Single "Wounded"

Femke Unveils New Single "Wounded"
Dutch-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Femke has just unveiled her brand new single Wounded and I am LOVING it! This is an acoustic-guitar driven haunting ballad where her powerful vocals take centre stage. Those guitar works are impeccable and there's somewhat of a Western-vibe to the song. I am a sucker for these types of songs and I just had to share this gem with you guys. Stream Wounded below!

Wounded is perfectly produced and has a captivating dark, melancholic vibe. Her vocals are so beautiful and convey so much emotion! Speaking about the song Femke said,
It came from kind of a dark but hopeful place, the lyric is the hopeful part but the music still reflects the darkness.
Wounded is a standout track for Femke who usually creates electronic music. Femke has collaborated with artists such as Belle Mt, Estelle, Mark Hoppus, to name a few.

She won the ASCAP Harold Adamson award, studied with Lin Manual Miranda for a short summer at Chicago's North Western University with the Johnny Mercer Foundation, worked for Richard Gibbs, Don Grusin while also working at Hans Zimmer's Pres