Fred Seul Unveils New Single "Wolves"

Fred Seul
Time for some indie/folk music. Danish singer/songwriter Fred Seul has just unveiled his brand new single Wolves, a song about the fear of being outside. This song is a grower, getting better after each listen. Really enjoying his vocals and the beat is highly infectious. The banjo part sounds awesome and the song gives me some Tribal/Western vibes to it. Here Fred also gives his modern twist of organic analog synthesizers, daring hip-hop snares and electronic harmonized vocals. Stream this catchy track below!

Fred Seul is a true social activist with an urge to tell real life stories. This attitude contributes to making his music honest and most importantly, relatable. There are issues in everyone's life, that Fred Seul wants to address- and he wants to discuss these issues out in the open. According to Fred, society needs to put more focus on self-awareness - and by self-awareness he doesn't mean the superficial social media culture that seems to be the current trend. He wants to discuss life as it really is, without embellishing the reality.

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