Chantitown Unveils New Single "Mother Of Sun"
British singer-songwriter and producer Chantitown is back with a brand new single Mother Of Sun, the second track to be lifted from her upcoming debut EP Cause and The Cure, to be released independently on July 13th.

Really enjoying the cinematic vibe of this song. The song is soaked in reverberation, and immersive in reflection amidst glossy notes and shimmering atmospheres. Chantitown cleverly fuses Pop, Folk, Electro, Indie, and even orchestral arrangements into unforgettable music. Glistening pianos, twilight-lit guitars and deep rolling-drums swim, beneath Chantitown’s organic, yet celestial vocal delivery. This song highlights the spirituality in her songwriting combined with a melody and rhythm that will remain with you long after the last beat. Stream it below!

Speaking about Mother Of Sun Chantitown said,
I have learnt those we love never go away even if they are no longer with us. They are there, walking beside us. No matter how dark life may get, the sun is going to rise. It never ceases to amaze me its power to heal and shine light. I wanted to capture this power, this atmosphere by using drums, percussion, guitar and my voice in the hope this piece would translate to something larger than life, something people could really connect with.
Mother Of Sun follows the previous single Cause and the Cure, which is the title track of her debut EP which was co-produced and co-composed with Jim Huswuit (Universal Music, National Theatre, Almeida Theatre).