British singer-songwriter and producer Chantitown has just unveiled her new single Cause and the Cure, the lead single to be taken from her upcoming debut EP of the same title, released independently on July 13th. 

Cause and the Cure is a beautiful piece of acoustic-Folk music with great storytelling. The song blends melodious beats, hypnotic rhythms and a neon-like aura are captivating from the onset, creating an otherworldly, symbiotic relationship between the two colliding worlds of unforgiving dramatism and the undeniable room to change one’s life. Loving its melancholic feel! Stream it below!

Speaking about Cause and the Cure, Chantitown adds,
This song is about someone who left a place they called home for a better future. I tell stories through my songs in hope that some people can relate in some way, or just connect. The particular person this song is based on left his home and country as a child, and reflects back as a grown, accomplished man having done quite well in life - he had never lost the connection with the place he came from. Interestingly enough, social media keeps everyone connected these days, but my father for example, left his country to live in England, and I guess “Cause and the Cure’ is partly inspired by this. Its open to interpretation, but “The Cause” being a reason you leave a place “The Cure” the very same place that heals you spiritually and emotionally
Chantitown is heavily influenced by accomplished or legendary songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Carol King and Tracy Chapman, to the electronic trip-hop hypnotics provided by Massive Attack, Portishead, and MGMT. Chantitown can be stylistically compared to Bat For Lashes, Lorde or even Cat Power for heartfelt, yet raw and immersive presentation, compelling vocal delivery and intriguing instrumental backdrops.