Constine Unveils New Single ‘Never’
Swedish singer, songwriter, musician and producer Hanna Lindgren, known as Constine, is back with a brand new single called Never, out now via O:KTO Records. This is the follow up to her stunning debut single, Die, and it does not disappoint.

Never carries on with her dark pop sound and is simple an earworm of a single. Her distinctive raspy vocals are simply hipnotising and that chorus is incredibly infectious, I can't stop singing along. This is a moody, dark piece of electro-pop music with great synth works and tribal beats. It's message is one of saying "enough is enough".

Listening to this song I just envision Constine in a forest at night, surrounded by her tribe of children that chant her anthem. Stream this stunning song below!

Speaking about the song Constine explains:
Let's pretend that we could never die, let's pretend that none of this is a lie. It's easy to do that, to keep your eyes shut for things you don't want to see. To hear about the problems but choose not to listen. It's better not to let anyone see you cry, they might think you're weak and you don't want that. But you cannot keep the charade up forever, things will come crashing down and so will you. Mom, I love you. It's alright to cry.