Swedish singer, songwriter, musician and producer Hanna Lindgren, known as Constine, has just unveiled her debut single Die. Loving her distinctive vocals, the dark soundscape and somewhat ethereal/magical vibe of the song!

Taken from her forthcoming debut EP, Die is about paradoxes; about someone who is close, yet terribly far away at the same time. It channels the emotion of being on the verge of losing yourself. Speaking about the single Constine said,
The song is about the feeling of being on the verge… It's about when you've lost yourself, in someone or something. Both those feelings can be completely magical but also so damn unpleasant.
Stream it below!

With her expressive voice and uncompromising artistic vision, Constine is set to take 2018 by storm, starting with her debut track .

Constine’s taken full control of her art and is committed to releasing music under her terms, on her own label. Constine explains:
Being by own boss just suits me the best because it means I'm in charge, I make all the decisions and most of all I'm in control. When it comes to something so personal and precious as your art I think you lose yourself if you let others decide for you what your art should look like or sound like.
Her sound is a blend of melodramatic, lowkey indie-pop and up-tempo dance music, reminiscent of Melanie Martinez and Sky Ferreira. A unique voice on top of electronic, yet organic, beats and exotic instruments is what makes it.