London trio Organised Scum unveil new single "Unborn Cars"

Organised Scum
London three-piece Organised Scum have unveiled their brand new single Unborn Cars, a wonky, understated tune recalling the quirks and buoyant production of ‘80s art-pop. Stream this awesome piece below.

The title of this latest single, as well as being part of a long lineage of sharp-witted song names (‘Consultants of Swing’, ‘Machine Gun the Breeze’ and ‘Who’s the Prick?’ to name just three)  is a reference to Werner Herzog’s documentary about the internet (Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World). In this film a GoogleX employee makes reference to ‘unborn cars’ of the future, a turn of phrase that bemused vocalist Tom Duggins. He said,
if you dare to ask who created our social world, then you're in the territory of being told that cars are born, and that that our society is a natural outcome of forces beyond our control.
I also wrote this track thinking of my niece - who'd just turned two at the time. She was starting to talk properly and the phrase 'we can understand what you're saying' was going through my head. I realised how incredible even the simplest acts of communication are, and how we take this stuff for granted, especially nowadays when we're in constant contact with everyone and everything.
Organised Scum are Tom Duggins (Vocals, Guitar), Tom Williams (Bass) and Sean Canty (Drums). Unborn Cars was produced by John Martindale at Blank Studios and is being self-released on March 9th.
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