ARY release debut album "Drowning Inside"

ARY release debut album "Drowning Inside"
Portuguese Alternative band ARY have just released their long expected debut album Drowning Inside.

The 7-track album includes their previously released singles include their previously released singles I Think It's You, Anymore, and If You Never Try You’ll Never Know - which are probably my favourite songs off the album (along with Pieces) and they were responsible to boost ARY's social following and listeners.

One thing I love about them is that they are not focused on a particular genre and deliver awesome rock music, with hard-hitting drums, heavy guitars, infectious melodies and intricate electronics. Erika's powerful vocals bring their music to a whole new level, making me nostalgic about female-fronted rock bands such as Evanescence and Within Temptation. I honestly believe if it wasn't Erika as a lead vocalist then they wouldn't have so much impact, at least for me. I'm a sucker for female-led bands!

Overall the album is a representation of their incredible talent to deliver energetic music, leaning more on the rock side but still keeping a mainstream appeal. Stream this gem below!

ARY spared no creativity in order to fit in a specific genre. Self-releasing the album also gave them the freedom to push boundaries and write music in a truly honest fashion.

ARY - composed of Erika Martyns & Denis Rhomays as well as their longtime friends Ziig and David - teamed up with music producer Vasco Ramos aka Xande to produce seven dark alternative tracks.

The band prepares to announce an European Tour later this fall to support the album. Official show dates will be revealed soon.
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