Valeria Stoica releases new song "Get Back"

Valeria Stoica releases new song "Get Back"
Moldovan-born and raised artist Valeria Stoica has released her brand new song Get Back, taken from her upcoming debut album. This is a beautiful piece of infectious indie music with somewhat of a folsky/ethereal vibe to it. Definitely right up my alley. Her vocals are super smooth and you can watch the visuals below!

Speaking about the song Valeria said,
Although people might think at a first listening that this is a love song, this one is actually about life and all its experiences: no matter good or bad.

These experiences help people develop and they become a part of each and one’s personality. These are the things that will make a person who they are.
Get Back is a song sequel to Distances and Remember: all of them talk about Valeria’s life and the people around her.

The music video, directed by Nicu Dragan, was filmed in France and Holland. Valeria says,
It’s really important for me that the music videos for my songs to come as a completion to that song’s lyrics. I want people to be focused on the lyrics and the song’s message.
Valeria started playing guitar at the age of 8 when her father enlisted her in the Music School. She discovered her singing abilities at the age of 16, after listening to international indie artists on YouTube. She then covered a Damien Rice song. Music is Valeria’s biggest passion, and this can be easily spot on in her work.
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