Zoey G
Pop singler and multi-instrumentalist Zoey G has released her debut single Runaway! This is a stimulating pop single infused with Spanish guitar and rocksteady flair. Stream it below!

Produced by Stefan Litrownik and co-produced by Shannon McArthur, Runaway is the first single and title track from Zoey G’s upcoming EP.

Zoey G’s unique pop sound and songwriting is influenced by a combination of 80s, 90s and 00s music, as well as classical music.  As a child, she would borrow her family’s iPod and listened to whatever music was available. She explains,
It was a mix of my dad’s 80s music, my mom’s 80s-90s music and my brother’s late 90s to 2000s pop songs.
Speaking about the song she adds,
We all have emotions, whether it be the ‘I don’t care’ side or the ‘I really care’ side. “Runaway” conveys both of those sides, the instrumental portion being the ‘I don’t care,’ and the melody/lyrics being the ‘I really care’ side.
Born in Missoula, MT, Zoey G moved with her family to Colorado at the age of three. At just four years old, she displayed a gift for music, and began taking piano lessons. Raised in a musically inclined family, Zoey always felt inspired.  As a result, she picked up several instruments over the years, including the alto saxophone, drums, guitar, bass and ukulele. In 2016, she began songwriting. Though her music career is just beginning, her songwriting exhibits a maturity and thoughtfulness that is uncommon amongst her peers.