Jules Rendell
Soulful pop artist, Jules Rendell  has released her brand new single Let Go, featuring Riccy Mitchell. This is the stomping 2nd single from her forthcoming album, IMAGINE.

Cementing her departure from the soul/jazz tones of her previous offerings, Let Go is another riff-driven, foot tapper which this time entreats the listener to release themselves from debilitations of control, and to instead, free fall into freedom. You can watch its official music video below!

Speaking about the song Jules said,
When I was writing for this album, I realised I had the same perfectionist tendencies of so many around me; crippling thought patterns and unrealistic expectations that were stifling my potential. In my mind, nothing I did was 'good enough' - and I know that so many people spend every day thinking like that. I wrote this song for myself and for everyone who allows the fear of making mistakes to hold them back from living a full life.