Latvian up and coming pop artist Agnese Stengrevics (Agnesse) has just unveiled her brand new single You Are My World, and uplifting pop/dance track that was produced by her dad, Helvijs Stengrevics (song composer). You can watch the Artis Millers-directed video below!

You Are My World is a Latvian candidate for this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon (Which I didn't get tickets for). Agnese is set to perform the song live on the National show on February 3rd and hopes to represent the Country in Lisbon. 

You Are My World is about people who give endless chances to someone and are scared to love again, because they are hurt tons of times. But however, people can’t live protractedly without his/her ‘Somebody’ and sooner or later will seek for them, hoping that he or she will be the one. Agnese is talking about her personal experience too in the song and talks about how much he means to her and how much she wants to be with him now, hoping that he will be the one, because in this time and place, he makes her happy and gives everything what her heart wants. Although she is scared, she wants to try anyways. 

Agnese was born in Riga city and raised in Latvia (Baltic States, Europe Union) She paved her beginnings as a figure skater  and now It’s her Senior year and she wants to get into highly appreciated music colleges by musicians and music producers, for example Berklee College Of Music, and do music. Since age of 16, Agnese has been working on developing her sound in pop music and has been attending lot of vocal competitions having good success.