Two Friends Release New Single ‘Just A Kid’

Two Friends Release New Single ‘Just A Kid’
During the summer of 2016, Two Friends went to volunteer at United In Harmony, a non-profit that provides a summer camp experience to homeless children in Los Angeles. The duo led songwriting workshops, helping the kids write and create their own songs; for many of them this was their first-ever musical endeavour.  Set upon making the whole experience truly special, they brought the campers on to be a part of a Two Friends song, creating Just A Kid. Matt and Eli explain the meaning behind the track:
We wrote the song inspired by what a lot of people end up going through- when life forces you to grow up faster than any kid should have to.  We’re super proud to have such a special group of children and a committed organization like United In Harmony as part of it.  It was an amazing experience from the initial concept, to getting the kids involved, and now finally release!  We’re excited to continue supporting United In Harmony - part of the proceeds will be donated back to the camp in order to continue to support musical programming there.
Stream this gem below!

Just A Kid is a catchy and uplifting track, with guitar motifs and percussive elements, providing a firm foundation for Kevin Writer’s vocals. The chorus sung with the United In Harmony kids make for the cherry on the cake, giving the track both depth as well as pertinence. loving it guys! And it was so nice of the guys to bring the kids to be part of the song! Some of the proceeds from it will be donated to Camp Harmony to continue to support musical programming for the kids at the camp.

With the announcement of their 24-city North American  Just A Kid tour, Two Friends will be keeping the momentum going as strong into the new year. Stay up to date with all new announcements via their socials.
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