Owen Paul Releases New Single ‘Amazing’
It’s been a long time since 80’s performer Owen Paul emerged into the collective consciousness of the public with My Favourite Waste of Time, and there’s been no lack of controversy and disagreements along the way.
Like many artists in the 80's I found myself at loggerheads with my record company. This virtually put me off the music industry altogether so I wanted time out...which turned out to be over 20 years. Throughout this time, even though I was working on many other things, I didn't stop writing and recording, I just didn't release anything. Now that the music industry has changed beyond recognition and artists can be much more in control of their work, I am delighted to be back.

The new single Amazing, is a step towards re-establishing himself as a songwriter, first and foremost. We are also gifted with a remix by dance legend Stonebridge. Currently enjoying significant club success, with support all over the UK and a top spot on the Music Week club charts, it’s an anthemic, pulsating remix from a true master of the craft. Stream it below!

Owen said,
The new track Amazing in its original form, was wanted by Robbie Williams for his last album. However at the last minute, it was rejected. By a stroke of luck, last year when we decided to do 30th anniversary dance remixes of Favourite Waste of Time, Stonebridge was asked to do one of those mixes. He said no, as he would prefer to work with a brand new song if I had one. We sent him Amazing, he loved it, and here we are.