Lesser Pieces reveal new single "Texas"

Lesser Pieces
Elusive, L.A. based electronic duo Lesser Pieces have unveiled their brand new single Texas. Loving those loose drums and heavily reverberated synth. Diane Badie's haunting vocal sets the tone for this smooth and tender track. Stream it below!

Texas sums up the feeling of "future/past promises and the wish for something eternal". The track is both personal yet detached, a multilayered universe of off-centre pop; an affectionate collaboration that accentuates the potency of the music.

The song was inspired by a close friend of the duo who got in touch to let them know some tough news—what was happening in her life “just felt so incredibly heavy and also strangely bittersweet that it naturally came out in our music". The pair were in-between studio sessions when they heard from her, so the emotion of the situation “just poured out” into the recordings.

Lesser Pieces is the electronic project from Irish multi-dimensional producer Mike Slott and New York-born Egyptian singer-songwriter/composer Diane Badie. It is the culmination of the duo's lauded musical history – a vulnerable yet euphoric statement on modern popular music.
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