Emerald Portal Release ‘Trouble In Paradise’ EP

  Emerald Portal Release ‘Trouble In Paradise’ EP
Indie post-rock band, Emerald Portal, have just released their self produced EP Trouble In Paradise, a stimulating collection of synthesized tracks. The EP, mastered by Gentry Studer at Epicenter Mastering,  is the latest product of their creative process, and is now available on all digital music outlets worldwide. It transports us listeners to another world by creating a sense of nature and serenity. My favourite tracks are OneHundredTwenty and All The Running. Stream this beautiful EP below!

Thomas Ouziel and Brad Rundblade, masterminds behind Emerald Portal, created a compilation of sonic tracks that surpass traditional music structure. Their technique of bridging the worlds of cinema and music to create an immersive experience is evident in this EP. Ouziel explains,
The general theme of the album is the dichotomy between city life and the calmness and beauty of nature and contemplating the resulting feelings of the confinements of social norms created from being mice in a cage.

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