Malaa Releases New Single "Belleville"

Malaa Releases New Single "Belleville"
The elusive Malaa is at it again guys! One of the most sought after ID's from Malaa's DJ sets globally is finally here via Tchami's Confession. It's called Belleville is finally here, and available to fans as a rare free download (via the player below). The track exudes a certain Middle Eastern flair, meshing harsh bass with traditional Arabic instrumentation. Stream/Download it below!

I am loving this one! He's simply amazing!! Staying true to his distinct sound all while continuing to push boundaries, Malaa has established himself as one of the most exciting producers in dance music. Malaa has kept a highly aggressive touring schedule throughout 2017, playing shows from Sao Paulo to Detroit, pulling sizable crowds everywhere. Earlier this year Malaa dropped his gorgeous Illegal Mixtape.
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