Coldabank Unveils New Single ‘Lovin’ You’

Coldabank Unveils New Single ‘Lovin’ You’
Summer is just around the corner guys and I've got a treat for you! London-based up-and-coming producer Coldabank has unveiled his latest sun-kissed track, Lovin’ You. A true party starter, and one that will surely hit the airwaves around the globe, Lovin’ You is out now on ATL / Atlantic Records UK. Check out its official lyric video below!

I am addicted to this track guys. It's such a warm, sun-drenched throwback to 90’s R&B and club classics with that gorgeous tropical vibe. An impossibly catchy vocal refrain immediately grabs the listener before transforming into an explosion of sound, with a triumphant horn section and solid bassline driving the track, supplemented by an energetic 4/4 beat. A perfect summer anthem!
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