Vérité unveils new single "When You’re Gone"

Vérité unveils new single "When You’re Gone"
Vérité has unveiled her brand new single When You're Gone! This is a beautiful alt-pop tune taken from her highly anticipated debut album Somewhere in Between, set to be released on June 23rd, via Kobalt.

The 13-track collection blends electronic and alt-pop elements together effortlessly into a rhythm-driven sound that is ornately arranged with emotionally raw lyrics.  Speaking about each of the songs’ meanings Vérité said they,
dissect fragments of my experience as a human and twist them in unusual ways. I like playing with the sentiment of human relationships, but the lyrics are more about my relationship with the world, and dealing with things like apathy and boredom.
Vérité will perform a headline show at London’s Electrwerkz tomorrow, April 6th!

Somewhere in Between track listing:

1. When You’re Gone
2. Phase Me Out
3. Death of Me
4. Bout You
5. Better
6. Need Nothing
7. Saint
8. Solutions
9. Floor
10. Somewhere in Between
11. Nothing
12. Control
13. Freedom of Falling
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