Rachel Mason Premieres ‘Sandstorm’ Video

Rachel Mason Premieres ‘Sandstorm’ Video
Performance artist Rachel Mason has premiered the official music video for Sandstorm, a track from her new album Das Ram , co-released by Los Angeles-based Cleopatra Records and artist-run cassette label Practical Records. This eerily dramatic song was co-written and produced by Jeff Hassay, and the video was filmed by Hollywood-based cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

The Sandstorm video was inspired by the otherworldly character in the Goethe poem ‘Erlkoning’ – a figure who terrifies a boy throughout a haunting poem. The ghostly apparition of the Erlkoning is interwoven with another set of characters who represents heavenly bodies, white dwarf stars, the final remnants of dead stars. Mason was inspired by Canadian dancer, Haylee Nichele, and their work together directly led to this video. 

Rachel Mason explains:
This is fitting imagery for the apocalyptic ‘Sandstorm’ from my ‘Das Ram’ album, which presents a series of songs from the imagined perspective of mystical nonhuman figures. While Sandstorm's composition pre-dated the current Trump era, it has a foreboding sense of much of the chaos to come. "I am gonna live in a sandstorm, I am gonna let the dust make me blind. This is just the end of the road I'm on, but this is just the start of the ride."
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