KYKO releases new single "Dive In"

KYKO releases new single "Dive In"
KYKO releases his infectious new single Dive In on March 3rd through LAB Records. Taken from his forthcoming Wildlife EP, which will be released on March 10th and includes previous singles Horizon, Nature and another as yet unheard track Drive. I am loving this tune guys! Feels like summer with tha Tropical vibe!

Speaking about the track KYKO explains
'Dive In' feels like a fair culmination of the different sounding records I have put out so far. It feels like one of the most natural songs I have written, we didn't put much emphasis on a direction when writing so it came organically and was captured as more of a live jam (pre production) and I feel like that essence is still captured in the tune. It was such a natural progression putting this into the live set and it started going down super well in the shows, which has made it all the more exciting to finally get it out!

KYKO is here to test the limits of pop. Born from a desire to move away from the confines of standard 'singer-songwriter' conventions and connotations, Scott Verrill, the 20-year-old talent behind the project, looks to forge his own path in the world.

South London born and raised Verrill, a multi-instrumentalist with a feverish passion for experimenting, has been crafting noise since reaching his teens. Raised in a household rife with the sounds of Paul Simon and British bands like The Jam, Verrill strives to combine his musical background with his passion for modern pop music and it's ever evolving form.

KYKO March Tour

27th March - Brighton
28th March - Manchester
29th March - Southampton
30th March - Omeara
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