Ten Fé Release Debut Album ‘Hit The Light’

Ten Fé Release Debut Album ‘Hit The Light’
Hey guys! I am happy to announce that the amazing duo Ten Fé (Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan) release today their awesome debut album Hit The Light. This 11-track album showcases their incredible talents and their mix of Americana with darker, driving electronics, and vocal harmonies make them genuinely stand out.

Since I first heard Turn I fell in love with their music! I can't tell you how many times I've listened to this tune! It's  laid back and soulful vibe won me over after its first listen. Loving its hazy, euphoric guitars and hints of expansive pop of Fleetwood Mac. 

Overflow carried on with the euphoric guitar works but has a more uptempo vibe courtesy of its captivating electronics, gorgeous percussion and  synths that are reminiscent of 80's pop music. A vibrant electronic-indie track! 

My ultimate favourite track is Twist Your Arm. Now with this one the guys really won me over. The piano is what got me hooked! Paired with incredible synth works, chain-gang backing vocals the song is a brilliant electro-pop tune with the perfect amount of psychedelica. They've got here a festival anthem, and I am not surprised they picked this track as the lead single of this album.

Elodie is another standout tune from this album. It is a shimmering slice of pop music with lush harmonies, gorgous piano melodies and an overall melancholic vibe. Guys, I'm a sucker for these types of songs.

Burst, as the name implies, is an explosive uptempo tune with sick percussion works and hypnotic melodies, something that is visible throughout the album. 

Their latest release, Another Way, is such an expansive, dreamy synth-pop track. It sounds so effortless! The guitar riffs, the beautiful ethereal-like harmonies got me hooked.

Hit The Light was recorded in the studio built into the Berlin HQ of Compact Records in Berlin with Ewan Pearson (Jagwar Ma, M83, The Rapture). The record seamlessly fuses intricate contemporary electronics and the band’s signature energetic mix of Americana, Manchester baggy and soulful vocals. The name conveys the theme of the album: coming from dark into light as an act of renewal. It took them 4 long years of work to deliver this masterpiece and I've got to say it was worth the time. The album takes you on a journey with the band, a monumental road-trip with Ben and Leo sharing the driving as they each take lead on their own compositions.

Hit The Light is out now through SOME KINDA LOVE / [PIAS] on CD (SKL004CD), Digital (SKL004DA1) and the LP version is a double vinyl LP (SKL004LP).
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