PATHS Unveils New Single ‘Right Beside You’

PATHS Unveils New Single ‘Right Beside You’
BBC Radio 1 supported act PATHS has unveiled her gorgeous new single Right Beside You, part of an A/B release with second track called Last One Standing. This is a beautiful piece of indie/electro music on which she sings about relationship challenges. PATHS said,
Right Beside You is about how you can be with someone 24/7 but it’s as if they don’t truly see you anymore and inside you're screaming 'I'm right beside you'. It’s about digital distraction. While 'Last One Standing’ is about being in a fading relationship, where once there was give and take and understanding. Now thats disappearing, There’s a longing for someone to catch you from this relationship your falling out of.

Engaging much more of PATHS energetic performance characteristics, these tracks together incorporate crossovers of both serene and engaging synth-pop moments. Her ability for assembling and manipulating diverse and multi-cultural samples that match to East-Asian instruments, utter through moments of both tracks.

Her electronic routed songwriting was blossomed through the production efforts of Rory Friers (Thrash Hat) who amplified her intrigue for audio manipulation by using his rock honed production to collaborate and craft pinnacle moments and glimmering qualities that PATHS is recognised for.
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