Two Friends Remix Tove Lo’s ‘Cool Girl’

Two Friends Remix Tove Lo’s ‘Cool Girl’
If you want a groovy remix you can always count on Two Friends. The guys have reworked Tove Lo's gorgeous tune Cool Girl and it is super groovy! The guys said,
When we first heard Tove Lo's original, totally convinced it was and still is the swaggiest song of the year. The song has a complete IDGAF attitude and that's definitely what attracts us to Tove Lo and her music cuz that's kinda like us (except we really do GAF). Like two weeks after it came out we were literally writing an email to our managers trying to get the stems when our team sent us the inquiry from them asking if we wanted to remix Cool Girl by Tove Lo. It was pretty hilarious. Anyways, we did our thing- recorded a bunch of guitar (mah baby) and had a lot of fun switching up the vibe of the original. Hope you enjoy! ✌

Stream this gem below! 

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