MOK Unveil New Project "The House VP"

MOK Unveil New Project "The House VP"
Brighton group MOK have unveiled an awesome project called The House VP. This piece challenges eccentric creatives such as Die Antwoord and Childish Gambino with their passionate storytelling and transcending fusion of hip-hop, rave and alt-pop.

The 20-min clip features 4 separate singles that serve as soundtrack to these awesome visuals that capture the personality and the harsh reality of the group’s own lives. The story shows a brooding situation developing with a character that encounters different lives and stories throughout suburban Brighton. The guys said,
We chose to do ‘The House’ in a VP format because videos have always been a big part in how we present our music. This time we wanted to focus on making something deeply personal to us whilst at the same time pushing ourselves creatively. All the songs in ‘The House VP’ are a combination of experience and memories of our time together sharing a house. Friendship, excess, mental health, everyday life, highs and lows are all puzzle pieces that brings this body of work to life.

Another great thing about these guys is that the VP was done with 0 budget and was created by MOK and Bezzan productions. They had the help of  local actors, artists, friends and family.
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